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I'm a curious and creative biologist-naturalist-artist-musician-designer-extraordinaire. Can I make something with you?

I'm so pleased you took the time to visit my professional website. I believe the best way to get to know someone is in person, but that isn't always possible or convenient. This site is designed to help you get acquainted with me, Teresa Amy Lewis. In it you will find my CV, a portfolio of select works, my contact info, and even a photo journal to better visualize my personality. 

My dream is to help deepen our understanding of all life on earth; the best way I see to accomplish this goal is through research, observations, and art. If you can help me or are also interested in these topics, I would love to hear from you, contact me!                      

My Path

I am currently working as a Visual Information Specialist for the U.S. Geological Survey. I also do freelance graphic design.


I have a Bachelor of Science in biology from Pacific Lutheran University, where I earned a 3.9 GPA in my biology curriculum.

I served seven years in the Army, which has provided me with many skills necessary for both the fieldwork and the analytical. I learned and applied orienteering with a map and compass, as well as with a handheld GPS and have trained in survival tactics. I have maintained a high level of physical fitness and am capable of traveling long distances carrying weight. As a signals intelligence analyst I have on-the-ground experience in signal direction-finding, triangulation, and target acquisition of both stationary and moving targets in addition to digitally tracking, recording, and predicting movement patterns. Moreover, I have training and experience sorting and analyzing large amounts of data to find patterns and predict outcomes. Finally, my leadership experience has taught me invaluable team management, diplomacy, and communication strategies.

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